3 simple ingredients is all it takes to make your hair dreams come true. Imagine laser hair removal results, at a fraction of the cost, AND a fraction of the pain. That sweet spot is SUGARING! Just as sweet as it sounds, sugaring offers you an organic alternative to waxing with just sugar, lemon juice and water but with many more advantages. 

The magic is all in the motion… Really! A ball of sugar is applied directly to the skin, in the opposite direction of hair growth and removed in the same (the opposite of waxing.) This allows for total hair removal – bulb and all. which ultimately results in long-term hair LOSS! Yes, with every flick of the wrist, and every clean removal of hair with no breakage, you are breaking down that follicle.. eventually causing it to not grow back. 

Many clients see instant results in grow-back. This means goodbye ingrows and stubble! Because sugar only adheres to dead skin and hair follicles, not only are you receiving top-notch hair removal experience, but also a deep exfoliation which can result in natural lightening of the skin and the elimination of in-growns, thick hair and annoying stubble!

Guaranteed to stop & thin  grow-back by 50% after 1-3 visits!

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